The 90 Minute Strategy Session

Is Your Marketing as Effective as It Could Be?

This is a big question for many business owners.  After all, the success of  any business is closely tied to marketing.  

When you invest in a 90 Minutes Strategy Session with Gail Keith its like having assure budget allocation is tight and effective, identify growth opportunities, determine if your competitive advantages are being leveraged and make sure you are moving into the future with a powerful marketing strategy designed to deliver results.

We are able to quickly uncover possible:

 - Technical Errors

 - Marketing Inefficiencies

 - Missed Opportunities aka Money Left on the Table

 - Landing Pages Best Practices

 - Overall Strategy and Approach Synergies or Disconnects

The take-away from the session will be total clarity on the next steps to position you to achieve your growth goals over the next 12-18 months. We will deliver documentation of the session via a separate conference or video call the following week.

$1,895 per half-day session

   No travel charge for Phoenix Metro businesses

    Skype or Zoom video sessions for out of town engagements



Who Wants More?

Leverage a thought partnership with Gail Keith, as an extension of your team.  

Easy and affordable monthly investment.  


We help businesses cost-effectively unlock the full potential of their business by leveraging the Internet and its many unrecognized opportunities.


There are no magic bullets when it comes to growing your business, however with over two decades of experience, we have discovered the shortcuts for delivering exponential results. GKM can help you realize your vision through intelligent, time-tested marketing strategies and methodologies.

  • Get critical feedback on Google Analytics, Google Adwords, SEO strategies, Keyword and content plans.

  • Discover new ways to drive social media engagement.

  • Explore multiple marketing angles rapidly in order to implement tactics quickly.

  • Stream-line your marketing tools and explore marketing automation.

  • Replace or discontinue costly marketing activities with effective daily, weekly and monthly actions that drive results.

  • Get early market feedback on viability of marketing campaigns, identify gaps and corrections.

  • Kill bad ideas quickly, before money and time is wasted

  • Save marketing spend by planning based on data and eliminating ideas that are not practical to implement.

$ 1,495 per month

Customized communication and reporting based on your needs



Plus, with an network of fully vetted digital marketing experts and solution providers, we able to quickly refer you to exceptional and highly specialized marketing talent, if needed for the implementation of any elements of the marketing plan.

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