23+ Social Sharing Sites That Boost SEO & Drive Traffic


Anyone that’s ever tried their hand at SEO knows that it’s complex, to say the least.


So, when tools come along that make the art of search engine optimization a little easier, we stand up and take notice.


Social bookmarking sites are one of these tools that can have an impact on digital marketing because it fuels one of SEO’s most important elements – backlinks.


Social bookmarking sites are a way for people to search, discover, gather and organize webpages of interest using virtual “bookmarks.”

Social media works great for social bookmarking.


Take, for example, Pinterest.


Pinterest is arguably the most popular social bookmarking site ever.

Sites like Pinterest, and a few others we’re going to tell you about, are important for SEO.


When you’re listed on, or have content shared through a bookmarking site, it not only generates a backlink (typically nofollowed) but can also result in massive increases in traffic back to your site.


Social bookmarking sites also help you build up quality backlinks, which is another major component of earning Page 1 status from search engines.

But don’t be fooled.


Search engines are looking to these sites for more than link signals.

A quick search for social bookmarking sites will yield hundreds of results.


So, how do you know which social bookmarking sites are worth it?

Start by taking a look at the 50+ of our favorites we’ve gathered below.


My Top 23 Social Sites


1. Twitter

Twitter is huge.

While it might not be the first site that pops into your mind for submitting content, it has a large audience and is an efficient platform for posting.

Many people use it to post links, content, and images that they find interesting and worthy of a revisit in the future.


2. Pinterest

As the quintessential social bookmarking site, Pinterest has an average monthly user base of 175 million, roughly 80 percent of them females.

In its lifetime, more than 50 billion pins have appeared on Pinterest.


3. StumbleUpon/Mix

StumbleUpon is one of the more popular bookmarking sites, in part because it’s so easy and intuitive to use.

Look for the same commitment to usability as StumbleUpon becomes Mix in summer 2018.


4. Dribble
The go-to bookmarking site for creative types, especially designers.

If you like to explore with graphic and visual design, or you have someone on your team that does, Dribble is a great spot to get some SEO backlink action.


5. Delicious

Delicious is great booking marking site when you’re looking to build up maximum traction on your content.


6. Pocket

Appropriately named, when you put something in your Pocket, it’s there to be found later.

Users of Pocket can hold onto anything they find on the internet or through various apps.

Bonus points for the fact that once something’s in your Pocket, you don’t need an internet connection to access it.


7. Digg

Got great content?

Then it belongs on Digg.

Digg is the addictive social bookmarking site that’s perfect for sharing your captivating content with a highly engaged audience.


8. Folkd

The Folkd bookmarking site contains a unique social search feature that works much like a typical search engine, except the results don’t come from a complex, machine-driven system of analytics.

Instead, top results display quality content that users of Folkd have bookmarked.

The more saves a piece gets, the higher it’s rank in their social search, which helps connect their visitors with even more quality content.


9. Reddit

What can’t be found on Reddit?

Users generate a list of bookmarks by commenting, upvoting or downvoting content that’s shared on the platform.

Reddit is a great tool when you’re looking to quickly promote your own content.


10. Fark

One of Fark’s best attributes is their commitment to quality.

As a social networking news site, Fark receives mountains of submissions on a daily basis, but presents only the best to their audience.

This site isn’t for wimpy, weak content.

But, if you’re ready to showcase your talent and drive traffic to your own site, Fark is the way to go.


11. BizSugar

If you’ve got content about startups, marketing, and the world of small business, then BizSugar is the social bookmarking site that will help build your reputation and brand authority in a growing community of like-minded, small business professionals.


12. Slashdot

Slashdot is the ultimate bookmarking site for tech-geeks and the techie at heart.

Users of Slashdot submit and share content on gaming, cloud computing, computer hardware, security management, and more.


13. We Heart It

While users can submit and bookmark different types of content, We Heart It is heavily visual.

The site is nice to look at, easy to use, and inspirational – especially for anyone who loves great imagery.


14. Scoop.It

This site, aimed toward professionals, offers solutions for content creation, content curation, predictive analysis, and content intelligence.

Scoop.It offers two different platforms – a free version for individuals and a paid version for businesses.


15. Trendiee

For people who loved Newsvine, and were disheartened when it shut down, Trendiee offers the similar platform that’s super easy to use.

Their goal is to connect people with trending news, and it’s one that they accomplish beautifully.


16. Diigo

Diigo is the ultimate social bookmarking site for academic types.

Educators, students, researchers, and anyone with an inquisitive mind love the features that make keeping track of their resources and sharing them easy.

Diigo is perfect for content that’s focused on statistics, analytics, or research of any industry.


17. BibSonomy

Granted, not many businesses publish scientific material as part of their marketing strategy.

But, for those that do, BibSonomy is a premier social bookmarking site for businesses and academic types to collect, share and collaborate with the most recent, highly relevant research-based material.


18. CiteULike

CiteULike is a free service for storing and organizing scholarly articles.

Users of the website love their automated article recommendations.

These recommendations also benefit the content creators with a nice SEO boost.


19. Pearltrees

There’s a simplicity to Pearltrees that makes it a favorite among internet browsers that love to create collections of their favorite things.

Pearltrees offers functionality and a platform that makes it easy to share and gather new content.


20. DZone

DZone is one of the preferred social bookmarking sites for software developers around the world.

Each day, thousands of developers come to the site to learn, share, and read about the latest technologies and trends in the world of software development.


21. Medium

Typically used to share personal, original stories, Larry Kim has shown just how successful Medium can be for repurposing content.


22. SlideShare

While some claim SlideShare is on its way out if you’ve created an amazing keynote or PowerPoint presentation, you’re going to want to repurpose that on SlideShare.


23. Quora

Not only a great research tool for Q&A content brainstorming, Quora is a question-and-answer based site filled with a wide range of topics to discuss and follow.


Sharing Sites


We’ve taken a peek into the digital universe, and what we’ve discovered is that it’s immense.


Each business is one of the millions hoping to succeed online.

Digital marketing is a comprehensive strategy for success, but only if you know which tools will help you get there.


Social bookmarking is one of the many effective tools you can use to build your brand’s presence online.



It takes a village, and social bookmarking helps connect you to yours.


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