Workshops by Gail Keith Marketing


Get YOUR team on the same page with HIGHLY Interactive, Practical, and Fun Workshops by Gail Keith Marketing.

Whether your team is new in the marketing game or rookies trying to figure it out, Workshops by Gail Keith Marketing will have your team speaking the same language and coaching each other to success.

  •  Is your team using social media but not getting sales results?

  • Have you ever wondered why one sales person gets great referrals and yet another one who is just as connected, articulate and friendly doesn’t?

  • Do you know to gain quantifiable testimonials that will compel others into action?

  • Imagine if your team shared a common marketing strategy, how much faster would results come?

The following Workshops were created for specific client requests.  Every workshop is customized to fit your needs, your budget and the goals you want to achieve.

Social Selling 

Think Like a Marketer
When there are only two things that matter in business, innovation and marketing, every business team needs to think like marketers.

Discovering Your Personal Brand
Your brand isn’t what you say it is, it's what your customers say about you.  Find out how to create your brand and measure the results.

Authentic Stories that Sell!
People repeat stories, not sales pitches.  Learn the critical elements to creating authentic stories that lead people to make a buying decision with your team.

Leveraging YOUR Raving Fans
Some testimonials are nice and some compel people into action.  Discover how a carefully worded testimonial can add to your bottom line and the caveats to gathering them from your raving fans. 



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